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About Us

Bhimajja Pre-University College was established to foster holistic development for young adults to ensure their success in the world. Through an inclusive pedagogy designed to facilitate students’ optimal growth, we provide them with opportunities to discover their strengths and build on them. Further, by nurturing an environment that is responsive and receptive to every student’s needs, we aim to intellectually stimulate their minds and orient them towards building a bright future for themselves. Moreover, our robust curriculum constantly evolves to reflect the demands of the market to promote our students’ employability and help them progress towards a rewarding career.

Message from the Principal

Bhimajja Pre-University College strongly believes that knowledge is the light of life. To carry forward this spirit and illuminate our students’ minds, we endeavor to create an atmosphere that fully engages and encourages them to pursue their intellectual passions. Our goal is to enable students to explore their potential and transition into the successful and enterprising professionals of tomorrow.


The Bhimajja Pre-University College was instituted with a vision to guide and mould the next generation into socially responsible adults. By encouraging students to realize their potential, we aim to help them understand their role and enable them to make significant contributions to the society we live in.

Our mission is to instill and inculcate in the youth, a strong sense of duty and purpose in life. In equipping students with the necessary skills to succeed, we wish to empower them to contribute and make the world a better place.

Bhimajja P.U. College

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